Seating Height

How To - Select The Correct Barstool Height


Barstools that you choose will be one of the most important purchases for your customers or home. If you plan to setup your bar, cocktail area, countertop seating we want to make sure you choose the perfect fit. Below you will find a guide which will prove useful when selecting the best fit.

Each manufacturer measures the height differently. With no industry standard in regards to height our guide may not be the exact same measurements of your specific product choice. Please make sure to look at our products Features tab located on all of our products descriptions. Here you will find the dimensions of the products we offer.


1. Start with measuring your existing counter or table.

2. Next measure the distance from the floor to the top of the table or counter. We recommend a 10-12 inch difference between your table top and barstool. For example a 42" table top works well with a 30" barstool.


3. Don't forget to measure the overhand of the table. Some tables have a wide overhand and may require a specific barstool height. For example if you purchase a 32" stool for a 42" table but the table has an overhang of 6" it will probably be more comfortable to use a 30" barstool . Collect these measurements and we are ready to decide what type of furniture you need.


Industry Terms: Barstools, Bar Tables, Tables and Chairs have three own language. Below you will learn some of the industry lingo. This will prove useful when defining the perfect product for your space.


Dining Height known as Dining Tables typically run from 28" through 30" in height. Dining Chairs that match these tables typically have seat heights ranging 16" through 18" high. You can use shorter swivel stools or backless stools that are 18" high.

Counter Height known as Counter Height Tables typically run from 35" through 36" in height. Counter Stools that match these tables typically are 24" through 26". Counter Height is used in bars, casual and home kitchen islands.
Bar Height known as Bar Height Tables typically run from 40" through 42" in height. Bar Stools range from 28" through 30" in height. Most often you will see Bar Height Tables and Bar Height Barstools in homes and sometimes bars.
Tall, Extra Tall, Spectator Height, Extra Tall Tables and bars range from 45" through 48" in height. Matching Tall Barstools typically range 32" through 34". Tall, Extra Tall, Spectator Height, Extra Tall Tables is commonly used and associated with commercial seating.
Seating Connections offers many products in various heights absent the above dimensions. We also offer custom furniture to meet specific seating heights. The rule of thumb is to keep a 10" through 12" distance from the top of the table to the seat height.
How many barstools will fit your unique space?

How do we determine the right amount of barstools? This is an important step. Giving each individual a comfortable amount of space. Tricks of the trade tell us.


Barstools 16" through 18" wide please allow 21" through 22" of space.

Barstools 19" through 22" wide please allow 24" through 25" of space.

Please allow more space for Swivel Barstools or Barstools with Arms.